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Bacterial Cell Biology - AG Bramkamp

We use the prevailing model organisms Bacillus subtilis and Corynebacterium glutamicum to unravel principal mechanisms of division site selection and subcellular organization of rod-shaped bacteria. These fundamental questions in bacterial cell biology are tackled with state-of-the art techniques such as live cell imaging, in vitro reconstitution and protein-protein or protein-DNA interaction studies.

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lightmicrocover120 <-- Light Microscopy - Methods and Protocols (Herausgeber: Markaki, Yolanda, Harz, Hartmann (Eds.)) cover, 2017

"Sample Preparation and Choice of Fluorophores for Single and Dual Color Photo-Activated Localization Microscopy (PALM) with Bacterial Cells"
JB19816COV22-1 <-- Journal of Bacteriology cover November, 2016

"Impact of LCP proteins on cell wall biosynthesis in Corynebacterium glutamicum"
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Mol Micro cover June 2013 <-- Molecular Microbiology cover June, 2013

"Flotillins stabilize lipid rafts in Bacillus subtilis"
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Urkunde für Karin Schubert <-- Abstäuber become second in the ScienceKickIn 2012

LMU Biocentre's soccer team "Die Abstäuber" becomes second in the ScienceKickIn on 7th July 2012
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Urkunde für Karin Schubert <-- Certificate for Karin Schubert

Dr. Karin Schubert gets the honouring for excellent teaching (Praktikum der Biologie für Medizinstudenten, WS 2011/12) from the students of the medical faculty
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Microbiology, June 2009 <-- Microbiology cover June, 2009

"Subcellular localization of YuaG-SNAP stained with BG-430 in exponentially growing Bacillus subtilis strain DB002 (top) and of YuaG-GFP in strain DB001
Images courtesy Marc Bramkamp, Institut für Biochemie, Universität zu Köln, Germany"
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