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2018 - Recent publication on bacterial dynamin-like proteins revealing the mechanism for membrane fusion
Marc Bramkamp, Nature Communications, volume 9, Article number: 3993 (2018)

24.09.2018 - New DFG grant on chromosome organization and segregation in Corynebacterium glutamicum

17-21.09.2018 - Kati participates to the EMBO Workshop: DNA replication, chromosome segregation and fate decisions

9-12.09.2018 - Giacomo and Helge participate to the 84th Harden Conference: Single-molecule bacteriology

06.07.2018 - Recent publication on bacterial dynamin-like protein DynA mediating lipid and content mixing and showing phospholipid specificity (2018) Guo L, Bramkamp M

04.07.2018 - Recent publication on the optimization of sample preparation and green color imaging using the mNeonGreen fluorescent protein in bacterial cells for photoactivated localization microscopy (2018) Stockmar I, Feddersen H, Cramer K, Gruber S, Jung K, Bramkamp M, Shin JY.

18.06.2018 - Recent publication on substrate-dependent cluster density dynamics in bacterial phosphotransferase system permeases (2018) Benevides G, Giacomelli G, Bramkamp M

14.6.2018 - Marc delivers the 11. CFA Forecast Dinner Munich (link)

07.06.2017 - Recent press release about new insights into the control of DNA replication and cell division in Corynebacterium glutamicum

06.06.2017 - Recent publication on a novel chromosome organization pattern in Actinomycetales (2017) Böhm K., Meyer F., Rhomberg A., Kalinowski J., Donovan C., Bramkamp M.

2017 - Recent press release about the selective block of apical growth in CMN group bacteria caused by the antituberculosis drug Ethambutol

07.02.2017 - Recent publication on  the selective block of apical growth in CMN group bacteria caused by the antituberculosis drug Ethambutol (2017) Schubert K., Sieger B., Meyer F., Giacomelli G., Böhm K., Rieblinger A., Lindenthal L., Sachs N., Wanner G., Bramkamp M.

2017 - New DFG grant: Transregio Collaborative Research Center (TR 174 Project P5): Apical cell growth and generation of cellular asymmetry in corynebacteria

2017 - Recent press release - Light Microscopy: Methods and Protocols (Chapter 9): Sample Preparation and Choice of Fluorophores for Single and Dual Color Photo-Activated Localization Microscopy (PALM) with Bacterial Cells
Bach JN, Giacomelli G and Bramkamp M, Methods in Molecular Biology, (2017) vol. 1563

2016 - Recent press release on understanding how bacterial cells organise in space and time (2016) Marc Bramkamp. Scientia

2016 - J. Bacteriol November 2016 Vol. 198, Issue 22 cover

2016 - Recent publication on the impact of LCP proteins on cell wall biosynthesis in Corynebacterium glutamicum (2016) M. Baumgart, K. Schubert, M. Bramkamp, J. Frunzke (2016). J. Bacteriol. 

2016 - Recent publication on segregation of prokaryotic magnetosomes organelles by treadmilling of a dynamic actin-like MamK filament. (2016) M. Toro-Nahuelpan, , F.D. Müller, S. Klumpp, J. Plitzko, M. Bramkamp, D. Schüler. BMC Biology.

2016 - Recent publication on a dynamin-like protein involved in bacterial cell membrane surveillance under environmental stress: Sawant P, Eissenberger K, Karier L, Mascher T and Bramkamp

1.9.2015 - Marc´s position was tenured. Congratulations Marc!

3.7.2015 - Prachi Sawant defends her PhD Thesis. Congratulations Prachi!

6.2015 - Recent publication on membrane domains in bacteria: Bach JN and Bramkamp M (German, English abstract available)

10.4.2015 - Recent publication on phage-encoded actin-like proteins: Donovan et al. 2015: A prophage-encoded actin-like protein required for efficient viral DNA replication in bacteria

10.3.2015 - Juri Bach defends his PhD Thesis. Congratulations Juri!

9.03.2015 - The new 3D PALM/STORM microscope (Zeiss Elyra P1) arrived! The microscope is founded by the DFG (INST 86/1583-1)

19.2.2015 - Boris Sieger defends his PhD Thesis. Congratulations Boris!

4.2.2015 - Recent review on lipid rafts in bacteria: Bramkamp and Lopez 2015: Exploring the Existence of Lipid Rafts in Bacteria

30.1.2015 - Recent publication on prokaryotic flotillins: Bach and Bramkamp 2015: Dissecting the Molecular Properties of Prokaryotic Flotillins

12.1.2015 - Recent publication: Sieger and Bramkamp 2014: Interaction sites of DivIVA and RodA from Corynebacterium glutamicum

7.10.2014 - Prachi Sawant gave a talk on the cellular function of bacterial dynamins at the joint annual conference of the VAAM & DGHM. Karin Schubert and Boris Sieger presented their work on poster contributions at the meeting

6.8.2014 - New BMBF grant: Regulation of cell division and membrane economy in C. glutamicum

11.7.2014 - New DFG grant: Chromosome segregation in Corynebacterium glutamicum: Information storage in 3D. The DFG supports work on cellular organization in C. glutamicum in the Bramkamp lab for the next three years

7.7.14 - Laurence Karier received the Lehre@LMU award (Lehre@LMU Förderpreis WS 2013/14) of the Faculty of Biology of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich for her work on cell division in Corynebacterium glutamicum. Congratulations Laurence!

15.5.14 - Prof. Bramkamp contributes a talk to the Colloquium "50 years of Fts proteins" at the ROYAL NETHERLANDS ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES in Amsterdam

Colloquium 15 mei 2014-1

20.3.14 - Latest review: Donovan and Bramkamp 2014. Cell division in Corynebacterineae

29.1.2014 - Recent publication on protein dynamics: Bach et al. 2014

22.1.14 - 2 new protocols for B. subtilis available online on

9.12.2013 - Prof. Bramkamp and Boris Sieger contribute a talk and two posters to the ZiNG Bacterial Cell Conference in Xcaret, Mexico

2.10.2013 - Latest publication: Sieger et al. 2013. The lipid II flippase RodA determines morphology and growth in Corynebacterium glutamicum

1.10.2013 - Laurence Karier and Florian Bock receive a student grant from Lehre@LMU

11.6.2013 - Molecular Microbiology cover June 2013 with pictures from Bach et al. 2013

15.5.2013 - New student grants: Angela Rieblinger and Magdalena Brandl receive a student grant from Lehre@LMU for the extension of their bachelor work. Congratulations Angela and Maggie!

13.2.2013 - New DFG grant: Control of membrane dynamics by cooperative action of bacterial dynamin-like proteins and flotillins

11.6.2012 - Catriona Donovan defends her PhD Thesis. Congratulations Cat!

7.5.2012 - Karin Schubert gets the honouring for excellent teaching  in 2011/12 from the medical faculty

21.3.2012 - Catriona Donovan wins the VAAM Poster Award 2012

27.11.2011 - Marc Bramkamp accepts the call for a professorship at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich

20.6.2011 - Boris Sieger wins the JCF Poster Award of the Department for Chemistry, Cologne06.06.2011 - Karin Schubert gets the honouring for excellent teaching in 2010/11 from the medical faculty

12.10.2010 - Inga Wadenpohl defends her PhD Thesis. Congratulations Inga!

6.10.2010 - Frank Bürmann wins the 1. BIOTECHNICA Award 2010 for his Diploma thesis

5.2.2010 - Catriona Donovan wins the Karl-Liebrecht Award 2009 for the best Master's Thesis of the faculty

23.9.2009 - Suey van Baarle defends her PhD Thesis. Congratulations Suey!

20.5.2009 - Astrid Schwaiger defends her PhD Thesis. Congratulations Astrid!